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  • Absolute Publishing Group - Welcome to Absolute Publishing Group, with titles on dreams, Gnosis, spirituality, Judas Iscariot, out of body experiences and more.
  • Freedom Theory - Online community for anybody, searching freedom and happiness.
  • "Jan's Mysterious Adventure" - Jan fell into a stream. The strong current took her down the stream. She believes her rescuer is her father.
  • "Peter Woods Abroad" - The adventure of an ambitious young Englishman in post-World War II Europe and his tragically-ending love affair.
  • "Strike at the Heart (The First Mission)" - Sent to fight biological terror in East Africa, a U.S. Army unit is zapped into the past and struggles back.
  • "Tangled in his Glory" - Civil War era novel based on the life of the actress on the stage the night Abraham Lincoln was shot.
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