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Interview with Neo-Tech's Dr. Wallace

My name is Scott Long. I am the publisher of NTP News Report. Soon after Eric Savage's interview with Dr. Wallace about Neo-Tech, Mr. Savage joined I & O. Now, seven years later he is the international CEO of I & O. ...I recently interviewed Dr. Frank R. Wallace about the subsequent growing results of people using his discovery called Neo-Tech. My interview with Dr. Wallace revealed something that I think owners of Neo-Tech should know about. Below are my edited interview notes:

NTP: Tell me the progress of Neo-Tech since you last talked with Mr. Savage for NTP. And tell me about anything new.

WALLACE: We have a powerful new development. It meets the criteria: easy and safe - but powerful. I predict more people will make more money from this new development than anything throughout history. First, as you know, Neo-Tech has become increasingly used in all areas by more and more people and is rapidly spreading. Neo-Tech is available in seven languages, thirteen more on the way. Over ten million people have read Neo-Tech literature. Of those, many will use our new development to gain power and wealth.

To reveal this new money-making power, I must tell you about an event that at first stunned I & O and the Neo-Tech Center. The event then forced us into an awesome new power for survival. As you know, Neo-Tech has become a growing threat to neocheaters.

At 12:25 PM, November 3, 1986, sixteen armed agents struck The Neo-Tech Center's writing, research, and publishing facilities. Without provocation, they punched, beat, and kicked our people.

Then, after ten hours of intense ravishment, those sixteen agents dutifully followed their rule book in concealing their destruction: They neatly, expertly straightened the surface appearance of each room, took photographs to give the appearance of "orderliness and legitimacy", and then left. But they left with The Neo-Tech Center's files, records, checkbooks, book orders, book payments, cash, credit cards, vouchers, invoices, phone indexes, software, programs, manuscripts, word-processing disks, even backup disks, operation manuals, computer, printer - they took essentially everything needed to continue -

Cashiering the First Amendment, the protector of truth, they left well satisfied. Their day of destruction was professionally done, well camouflaged - the prime requisite of neocheating. For they had halted the writing and publishing activities of Neo-Tech and carried away the critical work. Without a care or backward glance, they left behind a neatly bombed-out shell of what hours before had been an intense publishing house turning out Neo-Tech. ...They were there to make sure The Neo-Tech Center would not operate again.

The traditional powers fear the Neo-Tech/Neothink System. Their brutal attack on The Neo-Tech Center is the ultimate testimonial to the power of Neo-Tech. For Neo-Tech means increasing power and wealth to the average working man and decreasing power and wealth to the traditional power structures.

NTP: What does this mean to I & O?

WALLACE: To survive, November 3rd forced us to bury an innocent child. An international business titan has risen in its place that led us to the new money-making breakthrough. With the new power, ordinary men and women associated with I & O are making many, many times the money than before the attack. Indeed, the attack launched us into a new league through a powerful discovery.

NTP: What is that discovery?

WALLACE: That discovery is: The ordinary man, no matter how low on the power scale, can wrap his control around the enormous prestige and wealth of the neocheaters and tear it from them as I & O has done with the November-3rd monolith to ricochet into a watershed, historical event generating genuine power and wealth.

Indeed, the ordinary man can break the neocheaters' hoax wide open and quickly gather their false power and wealth into his own portfolio.

With this discovery, suddenly opportunities for the average person to gain power and wealth exist all around him. Even the most powerful external authorities today extract money and power from the masses of unknowledgeable people by neocheating the uninformed public without fear of being caught, without suspicion. To the extent they are successful is the extent they use neocheating and provide a golden opportunity for the average person using this new power to break open and drain neocheaters.

For the first time in history, the person armed with this new power not only is ready for them, he wants them! For he profits and profits big from them. Those informed of this unique money-making breakthrough will sic an army of jackhammers on those neocheaters, break them open, ravish their stolen power and wealth...on the way to far greater money, power, and romantic love.

NTP: What does that mean for the neocheaters and, more important, for the average person like me?

WALLACE: The rise to power and wealth for average people through Neo-Tech means the demise of power and wealth for the traditional power structures. To stop the spread of Neo-Tech, federal agents of force attacked I & O on November 3rd, 1986. They carried away all of our work; they were there to make sure we would not function again.

But we discovered the new power to reverse the tables. Our small company now uproots the November-3rd behemoth for all the world to see. We are gaining power and wealth as we drain the master neocheaters. That quick route to money and power is available to everyone with Neo-Tech.

More and more neocheaters will fall. You see, before Neo-Tech, the neocheaters' arrogated authority diminished everyone's money, their power, their standard of living and even prevented the development of cures for diseases such as cancer or AIDS.

NTP: Wait a minute. Preventing cures for cancer and AIDS?

WALLACE: Let me relate a personal experience: As a scientist at Du Pont, I was involved in research that offered a unique approach for the treatment of diseases. One potential approach involved the development of extremely fine fibers impregnated with slowly releasing drugs. If such fibers were injected around cancer tumors, for example, the growth of those encased tumors might be retarded or stopped - to lay harmlessly dormant in their man-made coffins forever. But FDA "scientists" and other bureaucratic neocheaters trying to enhance their jobs and glean prestige killed that and many other promising research projects with time-consuming, prohibitively expensive, power-usurping regulations.

NTP: You know, "60 Minutes" recently dealt with something like that. And I hear about that kind of thing more and more these days. How can it be stopped?

WALLACE: Neo-Tech will quickly stop all such neocheating through sheer competition for money and power. As I said before, the person armed with the Neo-Tech discovery quickly ferrets out, tears apart, and absorbs the neocheaters' wealth on his way to far greater wealth and power. He can build his assets by going after one neocheater after the next. As more and more average men and women learn about my new discovery, they will quickly use it to uproot all neocheating for that easy money. Pretty soon, there will be no neocheaters left to go after.

NTP: I'm not sure I'm hearing this right. Are you saying that with Neo-Tech, average people are going to looking for neocheaters ...almost for the sport of it?

WALLACE: Yes I am. Hunting neocheaters will become very competitive. You see, for the first time in history, valid quick-power, quick-wealth opportunities are available to those with this new power. For neocheaters have gained enormous pseudo power and wealth, gone unchecked for 2000 years. Before Neo-Tech, no one could even know that neocheating existed. So neocheaters have gained substantial power and wealth throughout your place of work, no doubt. They have even built empires spread over the country and over the world. All that pseudo power and wealth is all set up, all set in place for a Neo-Tech man to move in and drain dry. Ironically, in just days an average person with this new power can rip away the power and wealth that took the neocheaters years to acquire.

NTP: Incredible - ripping off the neocheaters! Think of it: the only get- rich-quick scheme in history that is not a scheme!

WALLACE: That's right, Mr. Long. For a short time in the history of our civilization, those who get in the collapse of mysticism early will get catapulted to the top of the money/power world. Take I & O, for example. We were a small domestic company publishing the ideas of Neo-Tech. Then the most powerful neocheating empire in the free world - the November 3rd behemoth - attacked us. Since the attack I & O has become a world-wide company. For with this new power, we can break open and drain dry the November-3rd bureaucracy with their every destructive action toward us.

We are suddenly catapulted all around the world. The power built since the Civil War by the November-3rd bureaucracy now catapults I & O to a major- league status as we suck that power away from the November-3rd bureaucracy. Ironically, the November-3rd bureaucracy has geometrically catapulted the power and wealth of I & O and will bring its own neocheating destruction. And I & O will become a household hero. ...This phenomenon is now available to average men and women during this unique time in history. The informed average person can prosper overnight by digging up, breaking open, and draining dry neocheaters ...and then stashing their power and wealth into his personal portfolio.

Direct from our experience with the November-3rd behemoth, we have developed a How-To publication called the "Ultimate Value Package: Fast Money and Power by Draining Neocheaters". The Ultimate Value Package shows step by step how to use Neo-Tech to gather a fortune draining dry neocheaters everwhere.

NTP: This is fascinating. ...What about the majority of people who never hear of Neo-Tech or The Ultimate-Value Package?

WALLACE: Those people will be left far behind in the world of money and power. Some will lose their jobs in the coming recession. Average people are locked into the white-collar hoax system, which most Neo-Tech owners now have read about. The average person without The Ultimate-Value Package will remain trapped in the hoax, unknowingly obedient to the neocheaters in upper management, not knowing about the alternative to the hoax, not knowing that ironically because of the hoax one can strike it rich by breaking and draining the wealth of those neocheaters high in management. He can get wealthy from that world and soar into a future of unyielding power, even through the coming recession.

People with "Fast Money and Power by Draining Neocheaters" will soar beyond their peers, their bosses, their superiors. Those with The Ultimate-Value Package will become the money/power giants of the future. They will become the power heroes who begin the general collapse of mysticism.

NTP: Tell me more about this demolishing of neocheaters for profit.

WALLACE: The November 3rd behemoth tried to prolong the collapse of neocheating by attacking I & O. But that was, for them, a fatal mistake. For, we had the power of Neo-Tech. They could not stop us. Neo-Tech is the greatest power in the world.

With The Ultimate-Value Package, you never again experience stagnation. You enter a new world of rapid wealth - free of competition and neocheating. You control all the power and wealth previously accumulated for you by a neocheater. You become a Clark Kent - a quiet superman who pulverizes neocheating. But unlike Clark Kent, you collect for yourself the neocheater's stolen wealth and power. And instead of becoming a target for envy as do most wealthy people, you become a genuine hero.

In this exciting new world of draining the neocheaters, you quickly leave behind your contemporaries, all those in that other world vulnerable to leave them all in your dust. The average person who does not evolve will stagnate and sink to the bottom of a deteriorating economy. Many will lose their jobs. Many will fail. ...Instead with The Ultimate- Value Package, you can gain the real power - the real advantage and profit that millions throughout history would have died for just to know of its existence. Without it, you will die unfulfilled.

NTP: Now I know why...

WALLACE: Also, consider this about The Ultimate-Value Package: In the new world of escalating wealth and power, you snowplow through all mysticism - personal or financial - including all pain and harm caused by being cheated or exploited by one's spouse, manipulated by guilt, drained by competition, intimidated by traditional big wheels, misled by professional people, stunted by dishonest and incompetent partners, used by friends, abused by strangers, fouled up by bureaucrats, fooled by mystics, and hurt by government. The Ultimate-Value Package snaps away all hurts and diminishments in your new world of wealth.

NTP: Where did this new power come from?

WALLACE: In the Neo-Tech Manuscripts, Neo-Tech III explains the transition 3000 years ago from animal man into human man. Neo-Tech III captures and elevates the meaning of Princeton Professor Julian Jaynes' findings in his book "The Origin Of Consciousness". 3000 years ago man was controlled by nature like any other animal, although man was the most intelligent animal, far, far superior. Man was so intelligent that he developed language, built cities, and flourished. But he was, as explained in Neo-Tech III, a highly intelligent, commune animal. He was not able to introspect. He was void of the analog/conceptual mind of today.

Man, like any other animal, had no self control as we do today. As Jaynes' explains it, man was not conscious. What is sometimes referred to as the subconscious mind actually controlled and directed man...that is, the right hemisphere or the subconscious chamber controlled the left hemisphere or the awareness/action chamber of his two-chamber bicameral brain. The right hemisphere or the "subconscious" in man's highly sophisticated, language-developed bicameral brain would send hallucinatory voices to man's left hemisphere or his awareness. Man's subconscious would literally tell man what to do, how to act.

Man had not yet discovered self-thought, self-choice, self-decision, self- control. Man's mind merely observed and absorbed, leaving Mother Nature to sort out in his subconscious what actions to take. Later the subconscious would tell him what to do, how to act via the "voices".

Jaynes documents the evidence well, particularly citing the written works of pre-conscious man. The Illiad written in about 1000 BC, for example, reports the actions of its characters like a news report, void of self-decision, introspection, self-conflict or struggle. Jaynes contrasts the Illiad to the Odyssey composed perhaps a century later. The introspective choice, struggle, and decision in the Odyssey marks the break from man's 8000-year-old hallucinatory guidance system of nature into self-control of consciousness.

The hallucinated voices were thought to be the voices of the gods. Those who hallucinate more frequently were thought to communicate with the gods. As tribes grew into towns and cities, hallucinating oracles were placed in temples. Great symbols were built that "spoke" to help activate the "voices" - awe-inspiring symbols such as tombs, temples, colossuses, and pyramids.

The leaders represented the voices of the gods. Every common man listened to and acted according to the leaders. The leaders grew powerful as towns grew into cities. Civilizations flourished. The leaders controlled enormous power and wealth.

Trade developed; commerce grew. Societies became complex. More and more people and cultures intermingled through trade and war. As society expanded and reached out to greater and greater horizons, the subconscious gradually became incompetent to handle the growing complexities of civilization. Man outgrew his capacity provided by Mother Nature. The "gods" became incompetent and then fell silent. Civilizations broke into chaos and collapsed. Out of necessity for survival, man one by one, began discovering a new way of using the mind. He discovered self-thought, self-control. Man discovered consciousness. That man-made discovery, consciousness, was never a part of nature and solves the missing-link riddle of evolution. 3000 years ago, man discovered how to take self control of his actions. As man discovered consciousness, the new power quickly spread, sweeping through entire civilizations. For man had to evolve into the new power or perish. The discovery of consciousness 3000 years ago was the first major "jump" in man's development.

Today the discovery of Neothink is the second major "jump" in man's development as significant as the "jump" from animal man to conscious man. The conscious mind today gradually becomes incompetent to handle the growing complexities of making money, confused by mysticism and neocheating and saturated with competition. Out of business survival pressures, particularly following the attack of November 3rd, I used Neo-Tech to discover a new way of using the mind called Neothink. Then Mark Hamilton used Neothink to discover the world's most powerful wealth-creation discovery.

Today as forewarned by the October 19, 1987 stock market crash, the economy, business and people will have to evolve into the new power of Neothink. People will have to acquire the world's greatest wealth creation discovery or perish.

NTP: This is intriguing. Now tell me, how does this all relate to quick money, quick power by draining neocheaters?

WALLACE: The leaders of the bicameral civilizations, as I mentioned, grew to enormous power and wealth as their cities grew. They built major thriving cities. They built and controlled great power, great wealth over many decades. Yet the men who evolved into consciousness could move in at will and take all that power and wealth for themselves. For example, the rich and powerful Inca civilization had not yet evolved into consciousness when they first encountered the European explorers. The "white gods" took over all the wealth and power from the Inca leaders with little or no resistance. The new power of consciousness quickly took over the leaders' wealth that had been built over many generations. ...Similarly, today the new power of Neothink quickly takes over our leaders' wealth. Let me explain...

Governments, religions, upper management today are in most cases vestiges of the bicameral mind - the common man looking for guidance just as the common man looked to the leaders who "spoke to the gods" for guidance 3000 years ago. But the need for external guidance or leaders became obsoleted by the discovery of consciousness. So most powerful leaders today use the most destructive manipulation tool of conscious man - neocheating. Neocheating elicits bicameral tendencies in the common man. Leaders today use neocheating to build enormous power and wealth over years, even decades.

Although neocheating is a very effective power/wealth building tool, the neocheater cannot evolve into the next major "jump" of man called Neothink. For that "jump" requires the fully integrated honesty of Neo-Tech. And because the neocheater's power and wealth is not earned, not genuine, their pseudo power and wealth becomes an easy target for the person who evolves into the new power of Neothink. The average person who uses Neo-Tech to evolve into Neothink moves in and quickly takes possession of the neocheater's power and wealth built perhaps over years to a substantial amount. The average person takes immediate possession just as the Spanish "white gods" took possession of the power and wealth from the leaders of the Inca civilization.

NTP: Can you restate what you're saying? That is such a stunning concept...

WALLACE: Neo-Tech is a man-made discovery, a "jump" into the next evolution of man as significant as the "jump" from animal or bicameral man to human or conscious man 3000 years ago. Those animal or bicameral men who evolved into human man suddenly gained tremendous survival advantages and incredible money and power advantages. ...The uncompetitive animal man evolved or perished. Similarly, those who evolve with Neo-Tech into Neothink will gain tremendous advantages and become wealthy, outcompeting their peers. Those who do not evolve will perish. Average men and women who acquire The Ultimate-Value Package can easily evolve into the Neothink world of power and wealth. Neocheaters, on the other hand, will become prey and perish. For they have invested their advantages in the opposite world, the world of the living dead that will sink along with all who stay in it.

NTP: Can you give me an example of some neocheating where I, a working man, can use this new power to move in and take over the money?

WALLACE: Neo-Tech/Neothink puts people into unbelievable power positions. No longer do people have to suffer in silent frustration watching their lives stagnate. They can break out of the traditional white-collar hoax that saddles the ordinary working-class man's job with specialization. Indeed, you most likely go to work and do the same, specialized responsibilities day after day. That prevents self-thought. You do not integrate with making money because the white-collar hoax has structured all jobs into a specialized format to prevent the average man from rising with integrated power.

Specialization is a neocheating move to keep the common man locked into the automatic guidance system from above. Your every step at work suppresses your self-thought, self-decision, self-development...making you dependent on a guidance system from above - the white-collar hoax. Operating at this obsoleted bicameral level leads most men and women to unbearable stagnation.

With The Ultimate-Value Package, however, one smashes through the white-collar hoax, soars past their barrier into the good money, the good jobs...soars past their blockades into the six and seven digit incomes. With Neo-Tech, the average man and woman rises with integrated power. And he can cash in big at work by breaking the hoax and draining it for fast money and power. And he will become a hero.

NTP: Bravo! Who hasn't felt that helpless feeling of stagnation...

WALLACE: Helpless, hopeless, stagnation, anxiety. Those are words for the uninformed. Those with The Ultimate-Value Package control the most powerful tools for profits; they are the cutting edge for prosperity. With The Ultimate-Value Package, one does not rekindle those sparks that flickered out long ago, one does not make dreams come true. He soars past even the most exciting traditional dreams as he evolves into a magnificiant new world.

NTP: Is all that really true? I mean, does all that really apply to us - to us who work for a living?

WALLACE: No, it never applies to the those who will bicamerally follow tradition and their neocheating masters through a life of stagnation. Those people who want everything to stay the same, to feel secure with their guidance in their stagnated routine, have their problems and will get left behind. But for the person who evolves with Neo-Tech, the days are over of your being stagnated from wealth, pleasure, and happiness. You can break free and rip away money and power from the white-collar hoax. But even more, you can now become a Neothink person to command your future beyond the most prestigious white-collar position.

NTP: That's pretty profound. I'll have to give that some deep thought.

WALLACE: You should. For the more one thinks about Neothink, the more he will profit from it.

NTP: What if I want to profit more and more? What if I want to become the man-on-the-hill now - through Neo-Tech?

WALLACE: You will. You will leave a lot of your friends behind, as you move into this new world of power. You will never be dragged down by mysticism again. And, you will never use neocheating - you will never have to.

As the first step, anyone can immediately profit by collecting the neocheating advantages available in any winning situation. Moreover, anyone can use neocheating to control other people - control even the sharpest, most-alert people. Master neocheaters use undetectable techniques to gain maximum advantage from every situation to acquire extreme power and wealth. And anyone can use neocheating to gain easy advantages or profits to any chosen degree. But who needs that? The neocheater, yes, he can easily do all of that. But the Neo-Tech person...he needs none of that. For him, neocheating is limiting and obsolete. He will instead knock over the neocheaters perhaps several at a time and stash all their power and wealth on his way into the new world.

NTP: Winning a fortune through neocheating seems so insignificant now compared to what one can really do with this new power.

WALLACE: Sir, you're on the way to becoming a Neothink man.

NTP: I'm excited about smashing my first neocheater. ...I want the information so I can start tonight!

During his 12 years at Du Pont's Brandywine and Chestnut Run Laboratories, Dr. Wallace was involved in major research projects, including the catalytic conversion of salt and sand into chlorine and water glass to reduce the cost of raw materials for industry (Wallace holds the basic patent); the development of commercial flexible nylon used in the auto industry to improve fuel and brake systems; flame retardant nylon to improve the safety of electronic products; fluorocarbon wire coating to improve the efficiency and safety of aircrafts, space vehicles, and missiles; high-definition acrylics to reduce the cost and enhance the appearance of signs; and medical uses for man- made fibers, including new leads to disease cures. Dr. Wallace is a member of Sigma Xi, the honorary scientific research society. He is the discoverer of Neo-Tech, the author of several books, the author of many magazine articles (including the first-place national award-winning article about the bicameral brain), a former editor of a national magazine and SEC-licensed security advisor. In addition, he is a marathon runner, a former professional card player, and the author of the world's best-selling poker manual, "Poker", Warner Books, New York, 359 pages.

The public can acquire, directly from the publisher, the complete 720-page Neo-Tech Information Package for becoming unbeatable in competitive, money, power, or love situations. Neo-Tech volumes I and II describe every step and every situation in detail with ll4 concepts. Those concepts are not only accompanied with how-to, real-life situations, but actual successful experiences of Neo-Tech owners are found on every page of volume II.

Each concept is packaged in a crisp, self-contained consultant capsule. Available is a quick-find index of over one-thousand subjects that lets the reader go straight to the concepts which apply most to his immediate wants and needs. (A full-length article in "Writer's Digest" is devoted to the new techniques used to construct this index. Also, the "Writer's Digest Yearbook" recommended and published the standards used by Frank R. Wallace in his research and writings.)

To receive the complete 720-page, Neo-Tech Information Package (volumes I and II), send your check, money-order, or credit-card number for $69.95 postpaid (less than 10 per page of packed, Neo-Tech information).

(12"x9"x2", 4 lbs.) sent insured, confidential

I & O Publishing Company, Research Division, 850 South Boulder Highway, Suite 8, Henderson, Nevada 89015, now makes it possible for you to profit directly from Dr. Wallace's research and dis-coveries. While always offering 30-day return privileges since its founding in 1968, I & O delivers values worth many hundreds or thousands of dollars for every dollar received. Moreover, I & O has widely advertised in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Economist (London), Money Magazine, Time Magazine, Fortune, Newsweek, Forbes.

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