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How Not to Fight the IRS

by Frederick Mann

Some time ago I received the following letter from a correspondent who should remain anonymous:

To make a long story short, for the past three years, I've been in a battle with the IRS. I've exclusively used Lynne Meredith's letters from 'How To Cook A Vulture' in my fight with the IRS. [See Freedom Mall]

It's to the point, where they are no longer paying attention to these letters. They are about to proceed to levy and seize my property, wages, etc. without any further warning.

Just yesterday, I utilized Federal Express to send the IRS a letter in response to their most recent inquiry. The deadline to respond is tomorrow.

I've been told the best thing to do to protect my assets is to draw up a pure trust. Is this true?

Most of all, I desperately need to find a competent freedom attorney in my area. Do you know anyone in the ... area you can refer me to?

I need to act fast, because as I've said, their next course of action is to levy and seize my property.

Pleae HELP. I genuinely thank you in advance for your assistance.



Frederick Mann's Response:
It seems to me that you've made at least the following mistakes:

1. You exclusively followed the advice of one book (Lynn Meredith's 'How to Cook a Vulture'), without checking out the workability of the information.

2. You failed to sufficiently educate yourself -- see Fiscal Freedom.

3. You failed to organize your affairs so it would be difficult and impractical for the IRS to seize your property.

4. You probably failed to establish a reliance defence -- see '#TL16G: The Reliance Defense'.

5. I've not seen any of the correspondence between you and the IRS, but given the above, it's likely that you've made serious mistakes in this respect also.

6. In general, you seem to have set yourself up as a "sitting duck," someone the IRS would just love to make an example of!

Given all the mistakes you've made, your best course of action is probably to tell the IRS that yow were misled by Lynn Meredith's information and that you want to settle. Pay them what they claim, or use "Offer in Compromise" to reduce the amount. See, for example, 'Tax Lawyer Help - IRS Offer in Compromise - Lien & Levy Removal - Internal Revenue Service - Audit Collection Problem Assistance'. You could also find someone in your area to assist you by doing an AltaVista search for +"Offer in Compromise" +"Your State".

Another option to consider is declaring bankruptcy. Contact former judge John Rizzo.

You may also want to subscribe to the FWO list and ask questions there.

Trying to use a pure trust at this stage, would most likely subject you to a charge of "fraudulent conveyance" and worsen your situation. See Trust Reports.

Once you've handled the current situation, you can make a fresh start:
1. Educate yourself;
2. Organize your affairs so your property and earnings become difficult and impractical for the IRS to compromise;
3. Establish your reliance defense;
4. Exit the "IRS system" if you can lawfully do so.

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